Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is the US finally getting it - "Mobile Marketing"

I recently returned from a one and a half year stint in the UK and was overly amazed as to how progressive agencies and marketers alike were leveraging mobile marketing as part of their integrate marketing communications programs... Well, I stumbled upon this article and thought to myself, hey, maybe mobile marketing is finally coming of age in the US. I know the likes of Google and Yahoo! have tried to figure out ways to embed their ads into mobile browsers, and Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T are certainly notorious for trying to monitize everything you do with your mobile device...

So, back to that article: "Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2009" http://tinyurl.com/dl2ywl.

With the ubiquity of smart devices (i.e., Apple iPhone, Samsung devices, touch-screen Blackberry's, and Google's Android operating system and mobile enabled HTC devices), it makes sense that US consumers are becoming much more familiar and confident with receiving information on the go. WiMax is certainly on the horizon, 3G is getting better and better, but just how the heck do you successfully integrate mobile into your marketing programs or your client's communications strategies???

A point raised in this article, that I totally agree with is as follows"

Marketers must remember that mobile cannot, and must not, be treated like other mass mediums out there.

Mobile is a highly personal channel, with attendant sensitivities and double opt-in permission requirements.

So, how do we proceed from here? I have come up with a few neat implementations for clients that aren't pervasive or overly sensitive when it comes to the end-user's privacy concerns, but just how far along are we and how far could we go with this medium...

Discuss if you wish...

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